Why Your Business NEEDS Videos

Why Videos Work: Videos Catch The Eye Your customers are scrolling… scrolling… scrolling… until their eye catches a video. In a sea of still photos, videos capture your customers’ attention so that they linger and learn more about your brand. Videos Save Brain Power Thinking costs mental energy, and your

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optimize video - video camera set up

7 Ways to Optimize Video for Social Media in New Orleans

Since you have a working knowledge of the various social platforms at your disposal, you need to be prepared to make the most of them! Here are our 7 tips for maximizing your videos on social media: 1) Select the correct platform to reach your audience. Facebook: The Facebook audience is

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Video: Your "Must Have" for Next Level Marketing

Human communication – it’s 10% what you say, and 90% how you say it. When you think about it from this perspective, it makes 100% sense that web video is the essential tool for businesses to connect with potential customers. There are loads of statistics to back it up: –

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Before you make your next video…

[x_video_embed type="16:9" no_container="true"][/x_video_embed] Promotional video produced by LETSDEVELOP.TV for DMM Construction. We're gonna let you in on a secret. Digital video is HUGE right now. Ok so it's not a secret, but have you ever felt like you're just missing it as far as promotional video for your company? Creating a

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Why you need video!

Video is important because it's personal. People want to see the product, location, and/or the brains behind the operation. They want to see that it's real! 76.5% of marketers and small business owners who have used video-marketing said it had a direct impact on their business, and we understand that!

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