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3 Video Marketing Tricks to Treat Your Customers

50% of your customers WANT more videos from you! TREAT your customers to better videos using these 3 TRICKS: 1. Put the most energy into the first 8 seconds. You only have 8 seconds to capture your viewer’s attention before they keep scrolling. Use those first few seconds to stand

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What is the Rule of 7?

The Rule of 7: A prospect won’t make a purchase until they see your business 7 times. You can reach that magical number by using… Social Media Over 1/3 of customers find products on social media, so you can reach them easily on a platform they’re already using. Boosted Posts

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Facebook Ads are UNDER-rated

68% of Americans use Facebook. 25% of us are on Facebook right now. But 79% of businesses are missing out on this advertising opportunity. Facebook should be one of your TOP ad platforms, and here’s why: Detailed Targeting Don’t waste money broadcasting your business to those who don’t need it.

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3 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement on Social Media

Here’s the 3 Tips: Proper Hashtags Every post should include a slogan hashtag and 2-10 others that are relevant to your company in general. #tellyourstory #digitalmarketing #marketingtips #neworleansbusiness Post at the Right Time You should post during peak traffic time, right? WRONG. Post 1-2 hours before the busiest time to

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Why Your Business NEEDS Videos

Why Videos Work: Videos Catch The Eye Your customers are scrolling… scrolling… scrolling… until their eye catches a video. In a sea of still photos, videos capture your customers’ attention so that they linger and learn more about your brand. Videos Save Brain Power Thinking costs mental energy, and your

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Worried About Wasting Your Marketing Dollars?

The easiest way to waste marketing money is to be confusing. Here’s the quick solution: Stop spending money on marketing efforts that lack a clear message. Every time you post or send an email, the copy should do two things: 1) communicate your unique message to your customer, and 2)

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Why You Need a Lead Magnet

In a sea of ever-changing algorithms and scrolling newsfeeds, how do you capture real, meaningful attention? You have a few options. Whether its social media marketing, email campaigns, or bolstering your SEO capabilities, there are certain tricks of the trade that will boost your overall marketing ROI and get long-term

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Email equals revenue.

Have you ever been frustrated by the amount of work required to market your business in the digital world? Sometimes digital marketing can feel like a can of worms you wish you hadn’t opened. There is a lot of depth in the online world because literally everything is connected. It

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increased sales - marketing funnels

Generate More Sales with Marketing Funnels

Have you ever been browsing online when a great deal really catches your eye? “Take 25% off your first order!” in exchange for just your email address. Type in your email and BAM – you have just entered a marketing funnel! Although it seems like a really simple system, marketing

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