Before you make your next video…

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Promotional video produced by LETSDEVELOP.TV for DMM Construction.

We're gonna let you in on a secret. Digital video is HUGE right now. Ok so it's not a secret, but have you ever felt like you're just missing it as far as promotional video for your company? Creating a TV commercial used to be a sign that your business was climbing the success ladder, but now just about anyone can go Live on Facebook and begin creating video content. How do you stand out in your customers' feeds and create content with impact? Here are 7 quick questions that serve as guidelines for great video!

Simple – Will your viewers get it right away?
Unique – Is it visually striking and dynamic?
Call to action – Do you tell the viewer how you want them to respond?
Connect – Does it inspire compelling feelings that invest the viewer?
Empathy – Will the viewer believe that you understand them?
Story – Does it have a definitive beginning, middle, and end?
Shareable – Is it short & posted to all your social media outlets?

*Bonus points if you caught the acronym* Need more help developing your plan for video marketing? Want our production team going on your video, use the contact form below to give us a shout! If you are interested in learning more about video marketing for your New Orleans metro business, be on the lookout for our upcoming FREE 5-part video marketing crash course!

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