6 Can't-Miss Additions to Your Landing Page

So you’ve created a landing page with a compelling offer, lots of CTA buttons, bold design choices, and video. You’re almost ready to hit “publish,” but wait!

Is your landing page missing something? 

Maybe you’ve followed our best practices for creating a killer landing page, but you want a little extra oomph to take yours to the next level. Maybe you want to be extra sure your landing page stands out from the competition. 

Say no more—we’re here with 6 things you might have forgotten to add to your landing page.

1. A countdown clock.

If your offer is time-sensitive, a countdown clock on your landing page will up the urgency for your readers.

Urgency and the fear of missing out are some of the most powerful motivators you can use in copywriting and design. Even though you can’t determine when potential customers will view your landing page, you can still use a sense of urgency to increase conversions through a countdown clock. 

A countdown clock widget at the top of your landing page ensures that everyone who visits, whether it’s a month before the deadline or 12 hours before, feels the urgency of your offer.

2. A sticky header with a CTA.

Sticky headers are menus that remain on your screen while you scroll. They’re useful for keeping important information and links handy no matter where you are on the page.

Put a call-to-action (CTA) button in a sticky header on your landing page to make sure your reader always has a CTA button in view. 

While the CTA button should be visually distinct, the rest of your sticky header should use simple design elements. You don’t want your header to distract from the rest of the landing page while people are trying to read. Think of a sticky header like a shortcut to your CTA and key pieces of information, available no matter where your reader is on the page.

3. Testimonials.

The best copywriting is driven by stories, and no one has better stories to tell than your satisfied customers.

Testimonials can add a relatable, emotional element to your landing page that you won’t get from numbers and statistics. Help your readers envision themselves with your product by including testimonials from customers who already took that step.

What have past customers said about your offer? How has your business helped meet people’s needs and changed their lives?

Dedicate a section of your landing page to stories and quotes from real customers who can attest to your business’s success. Try to include a description of what their lives were like before making a purchase and how your brand changed things for the better. 

Remember, your customers are the heroes of their own stories—all you need to do is position your brand as the solution to their problems. 

4. Your unique features and benefits.

HubSpot breaks down the content of a great landing page into 5 categories: the pain point, the solution, features of that solution, benefits of the solution, and social proof (testimonials). We’ve already covered the importance of testimonials,  and your pain point and solution should make up the bulk of your introductory copy. But what about features and benefits?

While the jury is still out on whether or not longer landing pages are better than shorter ones, if you want a longer landing page, features and benefits are the best place to expand your copy.

How exactly does your offer work? What can your reader expect to learn or gain from accepting your offer? And what are the possible benefits they can see if they take the next step with your brand? 

Maybe you’re offering a free book in exchange for joining your email list. Your features and benefits sections might look like this: 

  • A section on how the offer works, detailing the simple 3-step process of signing up for the list, paying for shipping and handling, and receiving your free book
  • An outline of the book’s chapters, so readers know what to expect
  • Several sections about the possible positive changes they could experience after reading your book, such as saving money, more free time, stronger social relationships, increased productivity, or new skills gained
  • A showcase of the kinds of free content in your email newsletter, such as weekly pro tips, product recommendations, uplifting stories, and exclusive discounts. In addition to receiving the book, your readers will also get this (free!) valuable content by joining your email list


By the time someone reaches the end of your landing page, they should have a vivid mental picture of what their life could be like after accepting your offer

5. Desktop- AND mobile-friendly design.

More than half of website traffic comes from mobile devices (according to Statista), so it’s critical that you design your landing page for more than just desktop viewers

Even if your target audience tends to prefer desktops, you can’t guarantee that none of your readers will be using mobile devices. And if you’ve ever tried to access a site optimized for desktop from your phone, you know how alienating poor design can feel. Take the extra step to make your design mobile friendly to cover your bases

Be sure to preview your landing page on both desktop and mobile, and design elements as necessary if they become unreadable on one platform. A great landing page is accessible to all users, no matter their device.

6. A thank you page.

Your readers find your landing page, follow your CTA, accept your irresistible offer—and then what? The customer journey doesn’t end with “Submit” or “Complete My Purchase.” You still need to thank them for taking this step with your business. 

Create a thank you page for users who accept your offer. Thank them earnestly for trusting your business, and remind them of what they can expect from you. Make sure they feel valued, and help them get excited about your offer coming their way. 

If they have to wait to receive your offer, such as shipping or a webinar that hasn’t premiered yet, a thank you page is also a place to give users something to do in the meantime. Direct them to your socials, blog, or online store while they wait. 

The most important part of a thank you page is sincerity. Be genuine, and readers will remember your brand as one they can relate to and trust.


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