5 Tips for a Killer Landing Page

In the world of digital marketing, landing pages are the unsung heroes that can significantly boost your conversion rates. These powerful tools are more than just simple web pages; they are the pulse of your marketing campaigns.

A landing page is a page on your website intended for a specific sec tion of your audience, created with a specific call to action (CTA) in mind. They’re great for raffles, free gifts, product bundles, and other offers that you don’t necessarily want on your homepage or regular product pages.

But landing pages can be huge, time-consuming projects—especially if you’re a one-man marketing team.

So we’ve put together 5 must-know tips for creating a landing page that converts. Follow these guidelines as you create your page, and you’ll be on your way to seeing more clicks and happier clients.

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1. Your offer is everything.

An offer is the heart of a great landing page. What’s in it for your prospective customer? Why should they make a purchase, give you their information, or sign up for an email newsletter? Make it worth their time and money by giving your audience something of value.

Think about your ideal customer. What do they want? What can you give them to help them achieve that goal?

Here are some ideas for an offer:

  • A free gift. (You may ask the recipient to pay for shipping and sign up for your newsletter to qualify.)
  • An ebook made out of your old blog posts, maybe with some exclusive new content sprinkled in.
  • Entry to a giveaway.
  • A buy-one-get-one bundle or exclusive coupon code they can only access through this landing page.
  • A limited-time discount on one of your top sellers.

Your offer must be valuable to your prospective customer, even if you’re not asking them to make a purchase. People won’t spend time entering your giveaway or signing up for your newsletter unless you make it worth their while.


2. Use CTAs everywhere.

Great landing pages have a lot of CTAs.

Fill your landing page with CTA buttons, making sure there is at least one CTA button on the page at all times, no matter where your reader scrolls. It should be abundantly clear where to click and what the reader ought to do.

Be sure your CTAs all lead to the same page, even if you don’t use the exact same wording on each button.

For example, a landing page for a giveaway that requires entrants to sign up for an email list may have several CTA phrases, like “ENTER HERE,” “WIN MY FREE TRIP,” and “SIGN UP FOR FREE.” All three of those buttons would take readers to the same sign-up page.

Using several bold, colorful CTA buttons makes it easy and obvious for your prospect to take the next step with your brand.


3. Add a video.

Not every customer wants to read a landing page. Many people prefer video and audio, so we recommend you put a video at the top of your landing page.

You don’t have to be a cinematographer to create a good landing page video. Film yourself or a coworker talking excitedly about your offer, using similar language to your headline and CTAs. The important part is to have a real person talking to potential customers earnestly and honestly. 

The video should contain the same information as the rest of your landing page. It may feel repetitive to you, but visitors to your page probably aren’t reading every paragraph. Some will watch the video, some will read, and some will pause midway through the video and scroll part of the way down the page. 

Incorporating a video into your landing page allows you to present the same information across multiple channels, so your prospects can engage with your brand in a way that’s comfortable for them. 


4. Bold > Clean.

A great landing page is going to be visually busy. You might even think your landing page is ugly—and that’s ok!

The point of a landing page isn’t to be pretty. It’s to convince a prospect to advance in their customer journey with your brand, and that requires communicating a lot of information in a limited space. 

The best landing pages are visually bold, with a lot of big text and CTA buttons. They strike a balance between “visually engaging” and “overcrowded.” The sparser your landing page, the more your reader will have to scroll to learn more about your offer.


5. Promise big (and follow through!).

How will your offer meet your prospect’s needs? How will their lives be improved by making a purchase or accepting your free gift? 

Your landing page is the place to list as many benefits of your offer as possible. 

If you’re selling a limited-time bundle, devote a section of the page to each product. If you’re giving away a free gift, write about how it will save them time, the monetary value of the gift, and the transformational potential it has for their lives. 

Use statistics and facts to engage your reader’s logical side, and share heartwarming testimonials to tap into their emotions. Some readers will be swayed by numbers, while others are more motivated by feelings and aspirations—so use all that you can!

And the most important part of hyping up your offer: the follow-through.

Whatever you promise in your landing page, you must be willing to turn into reality. 

When you stay true to your word, the prospects who accept your offer will be thrilled by the ways your business helps them. But if you overpromise and underdeliver, you could do major damage to your brand’s reputation. 

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