Even MORE Proven Methods to Grow Your Email List

“The money is in the list.”

Even if you’re new to email marketing, you’ve probably heard this phrase. That’s because your email list is one of the most valuable marketing assets you have. The best email marketing strategies won’t work if you don’t send emails to the right people.

In case you missed them, check out our two most recent blog posts here and here where we covered the basics of growing your email list and gave you 12 easy ways to get started. 

This week we’re capping off this series with 6 more ways to grow your email list. Use some (or all!) of them and start sending rockstar emails to an audience who is excited about your brand!

1. Require an email address to comment on your blog.

Comments on your blog can feel so rewarding. It means someone took the time to read your blog post, and they want you to know their thoughts. But when people comment anonymously, there’s no sure-fire way to follow up with them, thank them, and convert them into loyal customers.

That’s why you should require an email address before anyone can comment on your blog. Your website host may have the tools you need to do this, or you might need to use a plug-in. 

When you ask for their email address, give people the option to subscribe to your newsletter with a CTA and a checkbox. Encourage them to join your email list so they never miss another blog post. After all, these people are already invested in your blog content.

You can also make a segment in your ESP (email service provider) for blog commenters. Send this segment a series of emails, thanking them for participating in your blog and inviting them to opt in to your email list. 

As a bonus, be sure to reply to comments on your blog posts. This won’t directly grow your email list, but it shows your commenters you listen and respond to feedback. People are more likely to engage with your brand when they see you’re attentive, thoughtful, and human.

2. Create an exclusive Facebook group for email subscribers.

Few things motivate people more than FOMO, or “fear of missing out.” An exclusive Facebook group uses people’s FOMO to grow your email list and build a community of excited customers.

While your Facebook page is good for promoting your business and introducing yourself to new customers, a Facebook group is more effective at building a sense of community. Unlike your business page, a Facebook group can be more exclusive.

Create a private Facebook group for your business. When people request to join, ask them for their email address or confirm they’re already subscribed to your list. 

Just like your emails, your Facebook group should offer value to your subscribers. Don’t copy and paste the same content you put on your business page. Instead, use your group for community-driven conversations and less formal content.

Here are some ideas for your exclusive Facebook group:

  • Questions for the community
  • In-depth Q&As with you or another industry expert
  • Behind-the-scenes Facebook live videos
  • Polls for upcoming products or content
  • Contests
  • Memes or other content that doesn’t fit the tone of your main page

Other list-building strategies rely more on prospective customers or newcomers to your brand. But this one is best for capturing the emails of current customers. They’re already excited about what you do, but they might be on the fence about joining your email list.

Access to this Facebook group is the final push they need to join your list.

3. Offer a special discount for email subscribers.

Remember one of the most important lessons of email marketing? Your emails need to offer value to your subscribers. Sometimes “value” means entertaining, interesting, or informative content. Other times it means monetary value, like discounts or early access to sales.

When someone signs up for your email list, give them a discount code to use on their next purchase. Don’t make the discount so steep that you lose money. A 10–20% discount code should be enough to entice customers into signing up.

Consider giving your email subscribers an occasional discount or free-shipping code as a thank-you for subscribing. You’ll remind your subscribers why they enjoy being on your list and encourage them to make more purchases!

4. Create personalized landing pages for different channels.

Whenever possible, create unique landing pages for different channels and CTAs. According to HubSpot, personalized landing pages are 42% more successful than using the same page for all your CTAs.

If you’re promoting your email list through your blog, make a landing page that promises readers they’ll never miss another blog post. Highlight the fact that your email newsletter includes new weekly blog posts with valuable information about your industry. 

If you promised readers a free PDF in exchange for their email, create a landing page that talks about the PDF. Use images of the PDF’s cover and include a sneak peek at one of the inside pages. 

Your customers have lots of different motivations for joining your list. When you use personalized landing pages, you acknowledge those motivations, making your customer feel more valued. 

5. Create a loyalty program.

A loyalty program rewards your customers for making purchases by earning points. Your customers can spend these points for store credit, gift cards, discounts, or other incentives. Think about what your customers value and how you can thank them for doing business with you.

Make joining your email list a requirement for your loyalty program. Your emails will help you stay top-of-mind for your customers. Plus, loyalty members have extra incentive to make purchases when you promote your products so they can earn more points. It’s a win for everyone involved!

For tips and tricks on creating a loyalty program, check out this article from HubSpot.

6. Create and pin a video on TikTok.

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, TikTok allows you to “pin” a post to the top of your profile. Everyone who visits your profile will see the pinned video first, regardless of how old it is.

Use your pinned post to promote your email list. Let viewers know what benefits they’ll receive by signing up, whether that’s exclusive discounts, early access to new products, or the latest industry news. Make your viewers feel like they’re joining a special community.

Here’s how to pin your video:

  1. Post the video promoting your email list.
  2. Go to your profile page and find the video you want to pin.
  3. Tap the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen.
  4. Select “Pin.”

Include a link in your bio that directs users to your email sign-up landing page. Now everyone who visits your TikTok profile has a clear CTA to join your email list!

We know how it is—you’re busy running your business so you may not have time to make personalized landing pages or content for a Facebook group.
Schedule a call today, and let us help you grow your email list. We’ll implement proven strategies like these to build your list, convert more customers, and get people excited about your brand! 

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