Top 5 Marketing Musts for 2021

The world around us is constantly changing and evolving, so  the way we market needs to change and evolve along with it. As marketing strives to remain relevant in a changing world, you can help your business thrive in 2021 by prioritizing these 5 Marketing Musts: Get Digital If the

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Marketing in a COVID World

The worldwide pandemic certainly ushered in the new year in with a bang. Many companies and non profits alike found themselves struggling to stay afloat under forced lockdowns, while others have thrived as communication and commerce went digital. Wherever you fall in between, your company or nonprofit has no choice but

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Why Your Business NEEDS Videos

Why Videos Work: Videos Catch The Eye Your customers are scrolling… scrolling… scrolling… until their eye catches a video. In a sea of still photos, videos capture your customers’ attention so that they linger and learn more about your brand. Videos Save Brain Power Thinking costs mental energy, and your

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optimize and refine brand

How to Optimize & Refine Your Brand

43% of customers spend more money on brands that they trust and have become loyal to. A good branding strategy can increase your customer retention rates, which in turn can increase your ROI. In fact, increasing your customer retention rate by just 2% can lower your costs by 10%. In

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marketing basics - creating marketing funnel

Marketing Basics to Jumpstart Your Small Business

It can be hard to pin down an exact definition of marketing, but people generally think of it as the promotional aspect of their business. In reality, marketing is much more than just a promotional technique or strategy – it is a link between you and your customers! Marketing is

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marketing automation - planning on whiteboard

The Pros & Cons of Automating Your Marketing

For many small businesses, managing and implementing successful marketing strategies can be an overwhelming process that quickly eats up all of your time. Fortunately, marketing automation can help you to streamline your marketing processes and boost the overall success of your marketing strategies. It’s likely that you have been hearing

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