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If your email marketing strategy is up and running, but your open and click rates aren’t looking too hot, this blog is for you! You know you’re competing with other brands in their inbox, but you aren’t sure how to get your subscribers to open and read your emails. 

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, but you’re sure to get more opens and clicks if you include these elements in your email marketing strategy. 

Killer Subject Lines

Remember, you only have 2-3 seconds to grab your reader’s attention. If your subject line is poor, you’ve already lost them. So step away from your computer, grab some coffee or fresh air, and come back to craft a killer subject line. 

It’s usually best to write your subject line after you write the rest of the email. We know — your creativity is zapped by the time you’ve written the body copy. But after teasing out the main idea of your email, the subject line will come to you much more naturally. 

Write out 5-10 different options before choosing the best one. Your greatest subject lines usually don’t come out in your first draft! And remember — you’re not trying to sell your product or service here. The goal of the subject line is to get subscribers to open your email. Keep it short — 25 characters or 6-10 words is perfect. Add symbols and emojis to stand out. And make sure to utilize the preview text to emphasize your subject line. 


Don’t underestimate the impact of an aesthetically pleasing email. Beautiful, high-resolution images interspersed throughout your copy will keep subscribers engaged to the end.

Make sure you’re purposeful about the images you choose. What immediate, emotional, or philosophical problem does your product or service solve? Choose images that capture what people’s lives will be like after they choose your brand. 

Aesthetics aren’t limited to beautiful photos. White space, lines to differentiate between sections, designed graphics, and font style contribute to the aesthetic of your email marketing strategy. It should be consistent in every marketing campaign too. Every email should “feel” like your brand.

GIFS and Videos

GIFS and videos are a great way to up your email marketing game… but what’s the difference? 

A GIF is just an image file like a JPEG or PNG, but its format has a special feature so you can create animated images. You’ve definitely received emails with moving text or an image carousel (several images looping back again). These are GIFS.

Videos don’t loop and often include audio. But here’s the important difference between GIFS and video: you can’t embed a video directly in your emails. Bummer, right? But you can include an (aesthetically pleasing!) thumbnail or screenshot from the video with a link to what you want your subscribers to watch. You can also add a play button on top of the image so subscribers intuitively click on it. 


The secret’s out. Most of your audience knows by now you’re not individually writing every email when their name appears in the subject line or at the top when they open it. But there are still many ways to make subscribers feel special. 

If you aren’t already doing it, sending an email on subscribers’ birthdays with a special discount, promo code, or free appetizer is a great way to personalize your email marketing. You can also segment subscribers based on demographics like age or location and personalize emails for different groups. You can even use a customer’s buying history in Woocommerce or Shopify to curate content based on their shopping preferences. 

Be available to your subscribers. Let them know that if they reply to your email, you will read it and get back to them. Include a link to a live Q&A where they can ask questions about your product or service. Get creative and let your subscribers know you care.


Subscribers will scroll past your emails unless you create a sense of urgency. But good news — promotions create urgency! Who doesn’t love a good sale or free stuff? 

Exclusive promo codes and coupon codes are an easy way to elevate your email marketing game. They should be time-sensitive so customers feel the need to act fast and buy your product or service. Communicate clearly what’s at risk if subscribers don’t take advantage of your offer. Include a countdown in your email so they feel the urgency too.  

Make an online experience or sale available only to subscribers. If you’re a clothing company, maybe you offer a free online styling tutorial or advertise an online sale where customers can shop without leaving their couch. 

Possibilities are endless when creating emails that demand attention. We know the options are overwhelming, but you’ll see an increase in opens and clicks if you implement these elements. 

If you don’t want to go at it alone, Sigl Creative is here to help. Schedule a call, and we’ll create an email marketing strategy that makes your brand stand out from the rest in your subscriber’s inbox. 

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