Why You Should Schedule Out Social Media Posts

We get it. Scheduling social media posts sounds like it requires a lot of time you just don’t have. 

We won’t lie: it does take time to learn how to schedule posts and plan out your content. But you’ll actually have more time and energy to grow your business once you get the hang of it. 

Here are four reasons you should schedule out your social media posts:

1. You won’t scramble to post content.

You’re out for lunch when you remember you didn’t share your business’s latest sale on Facebook. You’re supposed to be on vacation with your family, but now you’re waking up early to create and publish content. Sometimes, you’re rushing to post a graphic on Instagram and overlook typos. 

When you schedule your social media posts ahead of time, you decrease your chances of making these mistakes . You’ll have plenty of time to brainstorm, create content, catch any typos or glitches, and get feedback from others.That sounds way less stressful, right?

2. You can spend more time engaging your audience.

When you schedule your social media posts, you’ll get to know your audience better. You’ll notice trends that reveal which posts  your followers engage with most. Do you get more shares at a certain time of day? Do more people like your posts when you use a specific font or color palette? You can use this information to curate content your followers will love.  

When your posts are scheduled for the day, you also have more time to respond to followers who leave comments. You can also take the time to thank those who share your content, which puts your brand in front of future followers. Your intentionality with potential customers will set you apart from competitors. 

3. You’ll have more time for other business goals.

Who doesn’t like more free time? 

Learning a new social media management system or creating a content calendar is tedious at the beginning. But trust us: it will free up time in the long run! 

You’ll be able to work on the long list of other goals you’ve wanted to achieve in your business (or just take a nap!) once you’ve mastered a social media schedule.  

4. Your brand will be consistent across all social media platforms.

This one is big. You’ll gain your followers’ trust when you consistently post content that makes their lives better. A brand that’s in front of people multiple times a week is hard for followers to forget! 

When you schedule posts, you also have time to create content that’s consistent across multiple platforms. Do you want to promote an upcoming sale on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Ensure posts about your sale have a unified look and feel on each of these platforms by planning and scheduling them ahead. 

Now that you’ve got social media covered, how’s the rest of your marketing going? Schedule a call for a digital marketing consultation, and we’ll work together to clarify your message and create content that introduces people to your brand. 

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