5 Marketing Resume Tips To Get You In The Door

Interested in the marketing field? Great! We’re psyched for you, because we know how much fun it is to help companies present their passion to the world.

But something might be standing in your way: the dreaded resume. 

Ok, we’re being dramatic. Resumes can actually be a lot of fun to put together if you’re in the right headspace. But reading bad resumes IS dreadful, and they’re immediately thrown off the table. So here’s the inside scoop on what we look for in marketing resumes:

1. Don't be afraid to show off your personality.
Because marketing is the creative side of business, it's okay to have a colorful or unique resume, even if you’re not applying for a design position. You’re going to be working on a team and that team wants to know what you will be like, so incorporate your creativity. If you’re applying as a graphic designer, treat your resume as a design project. and make sure your resume, cover letter, and portfolio are all cohesive. 

*Disclaimer: If you’re submitting through an automated system, the simpler the better so the computer can easily scan for relevant terms. Just bring the "jazzed up" version to your interview!

2. Show quantified, achievement-focused bullet points.
Don’t waste time being vague and making us guess what you mean. Get specific. "Increased followers over 6 months" is okay, but "Increased following and engagement by 63% through a 3-month campaign strategy" shows you achieved a specific goal through specific actions. In other words, you know what you're doing, and that’s what we want.

3. Include a link to your digital portfolio.
If you’re applying for a graphic design, web developer, copywriting, or social media position, you need to show your work ahead of time. Resumes can sound great, but we need to know if you can actually do the job. PDF portfolios can be uploaded to sites like Behance if you don’t have your own website, and there are tons of other free portfolio-hosting websites or website builders. Just make sure your link is simple and easy to read so your work is as accessible as possible.

4. Tailor your resume to each position.
Marketing is all about reaching a key audience with your message, so prove to us that you know how to do that through your resume. You’re marketing yourself to us, persuading us that you’re the answer to our problem. Find specific keywords in the job posting and be sure to include them in your resume. These are the words we’re skimming for that make us pause and read more! Just remember to follow best practices as you go: keep it to one page, don't include references unless specified, and make sure a trusted, grammatically-strong friend proofreads it!

5. Include special skills.
Do you dabble in photography or videography? Copywriting? Illustration? Social media management? Including these design-related skills on your resume makes you stand out as even more valuable to hire. In fact, many of us here at Sigl Creative are skilled in multiple areas of marketing, which allows us to collaborate better on projects and divide work evenly. Consider having a supplemental section of your digital portfolio showing off examples of these skills.

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