Dear Church: COVID Has Changed The Game

The recent pandemic has been a life-changer. Wearing masks and social distancing have become the new norm. But there's a silver lining to this dark cloud: we are becoming a more virtual society. Now, we know there are downsides to this fact, but the Church has already noticed some benefits. Social media has opened many digital doors, reaching not only local communities, but also the entire world with the Gospel. Many of these COVID-changes are here to stay, so, now is the time to invest in digital marketing to keep ahead of the curve.

Here are three starting points for better online outreach:

1. Invest in Your Website

Your website is often the first connection someone will have with your church, so it should look both professional and welcoming since most people, over 90%, look for community organizations via the internet. Good first impressions are invaluable and can affect the perception of your ministry. You want people to explore your website and discover how your church solves one of their problems.  You should clearly communicate your church's mission, core beliefs, weekly activities, and a strong Call To Action that encourages them to contact you or visit this Sunday.

2. Renovate Your Facebook Page

Everyone is scrolling through Facebook during the day, so why not use it to your advantage? Your church's Facebook page needs to look polished so that you stand out as a reputable source of information. As an interactive platform, church members can tag you in their stories and photos, giving you a broader scope of impact than you'd have on your own. When someone has a question or even a prayer request, they can send a confidential message to your church Facebook account, giving you opportunities to interact with people who may not be ready to visit your church in person. With so many people all over the world using this social media platform, your ministry can have a global impact!

3. Have a Strong Email Marketing Strategy

Having a strong email plan is very cost-effective. As an inexpensive alternative to physical mail-outs, you can use emails to follow up with recent visitors, encourage members to join a Bible study, and remind them of upcoming events. A weekly newsletter goes a long way in keeping everyone up-to-date and feeling included in the body of the church. Email marketing is also measurable in that you can see how many people open the emails and/or click the links inside. This data will show you the best times to send out information and help you gauge when it's time to spruce things up a bit.

By investing in these 3 digital marketing efforts, your church can navigate the new COVID-world and still see growth. However, it is important to keep your social media information current, positive, and engaging since this a main form of communication in today's society. Knowing what to say and when to convey a message is vital to the success of your strategic plan.
There are many people out there hurting, scared of what's happening, and looking for answers. The pandemic has given the Church a tremendous opportunity for outreach through various forms of social media. Now is the time to get the Gospel out to them where they are: online.

Want Some Help?

During this unprecedented time, pastors and other church leaders are busy assisting people in need and making important decisions for their churches. You're called to minister, so why not let us take marketing off your plate?  Contact us for a digital marketing and advertising consultation, and let's work together to connect your community to Christ.

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