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Why Think Local?

Here's Why You Need Local Marketing:

People Love Shopping Local

Whether it’s out of nostalgia for the good ol’ days or the newest hipster trend, people love mom and pop shops. Local marketing portrays your company as homegrown and personable, even if your clientele expands beyond your town. 

You’re Deemed Trustworthy

Huge companies sound great until you need to get a hold of customer service. When you show your city that you’re a local, they see you as trustworthy, relatable, and personable. 

Content Gold Mine

There’s no better way to prove you’re an insider than by tapping into the city’s inside jokes, references, and phrases. Plus, you’ll discover a gold mine of content ideas to play with. We’ll dive deeper into locally inspired content in our next video, so keep your eyes peeled for rest of our Think Local series!

Need a little help getting started?

Need a little help getting started? Since we’re a local marketing agency, we know the greater New Orleans area like the back of our hand, including Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, and more! Contact us today for help with your local marketing strategy. 

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