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The Pros & Cons of Automating Your Marketing

For many small businesses, managing and implementing successful marketing strategies can be an overwhelming process that quickly eats up all of your time. Fortunately, marketing automation can help you to streamline your marketing processes and boost the overall success of your marketing strategies. It’s likely that you have been hearing

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Why GDPR Matters to YOU!

GDPR. Have you heard those 4 little letters swirling around lately? If you’re like me, you initially brushed it off believing it wouldn’t really affect you too much. I don’t currently do business in the EU, and that’s where the regulation is enforced. Yet, I decided to do a little

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Drum Roll Please…We Have A Winner!

We are so excited to announce… Our winner of the FREE video contest is Pastor Jason Wood of Faith Presbyterian Church in Covington, Louisiana. Congratulations we are pumped for you and your team! Thank you all for entering "Win Your Story"! As someone who understands the importance of Video Marketing,weI

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