5 Marketing Resume Tips To Get You In The Door

Interested in the marketing field? Great! We’re psyched for you, because we know how much fun it is to help companies present their passion to the world. But something might be standing in your way: the dreaded resume.  Ok, we’re being dramatic. Resumes can actually be a lot of fun

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The Secret to Consistent Content Creation

Why Repackaging Content will Save you Time and Money In the life of an online business-owner, content creation is king. It’s the meat and potatoes of your business strategy. After all, with no content, you have nothing to market. Staying fresh and relevant in search engines and in your customers’ minds

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Dear Church: COVID Has Changed The Game

The recent pandemic has been a life-changer. Wearing masks and social distancing have become the new norm. But there’s a silver lining to this dark cloud: we are becoming a more virtual society. Now, we know there are downsides to this fact, but the Church has already noticed some benefits.

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Your Marketing MVP: The Customer Journey

What is A Customer Journey, And Is It Worth My Time? We get it. You're busy running your company or ministry and only want to spend time on marketing efforts that make a difference. Well, we promise that creating a Customer Journey is worth the time and effort because you're

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Why You Should Consider Rebranding

Branding plays one of the biggest roles in how your business is perceived and, therefore, its success. As your business grows and evolves, so should your branding. You’ve put in many hours of hard work to promote your products and services and build your credibility. By rebranding, you demonstrate how

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Dear Church: It’s Time to Get on Social Media

What’s The Point Of Posting On Social Media? People spend hours on their smartphones and computers scrolling through social media to catch up with friends, keep up with their favorite brands, read the news, and learn about what’s happening in their communities. Creating social media profiles for your church allows

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Building Brand Trust through Design

Transparency = Trust In our age of information overload, we can look up anything we want in a split second. As consumers, this has made us more skeptical and diligent as we choose about which businesses to trust and follow.  In response, your business needs to create clear and honest

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Marketing in a COVID World

The worldwide pandemic certainly ushered in the new year in with a bang. Many companies and non profits alike found themselves struggling to stay afloat under forced lockdowns, while others have thrived as communication and commerce went digital. Wherever you fall in between, your company or nonprofit has no choice but

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10 Priorities for Post-Production

Sometimes staring at all that raw footage can be paralyzing. Work through these 10 priorities to come out on the other side with a beautiful video: 1. Work on color correction. 2. Edit your audio. 3. Choose your aspect ratio. 4. Start with an action shot. 5. Decide if you

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