Consistency in Communication: How to Launch a Compelling Church Newsletter

Communication is at the heart of ministry. More than just sharing sermons and teaching Bible studies, effective communication also involves keeping your congregation informed, connected, and engaged. In our digital era, one of the most potent tools you can utilize to achieve this is a well-curated weekly church newsletter.

Why A Weekly Church Newsletter?

A weekly church newsletter is more than just an information bulletin; it's a powerful medium that invites people into the life of your church. It not only fosters a sense of community among current members but also serves as a follow up touch with next steps for new people who have recently started to connect with your church.

Creating a Compelling Church Newsletter

Creating a church newsletter might seem daunting, but with these four simple steps, you can craft an engaging newsletter that resonates with your church family:
  1. Identify Your Church's Unique Voice (and Vision): Your newsletter should reflect your church's unique identity and mission. Whether it's your focus on community service, vibrant kids ministry, or a variety of theology and discipleship classes, allow your church's unique voice and vision to determine the what and how in creating your newsletter.

  2. Include Relevant Content: Populate your newsletter with content that matters to your congregation. This could include sermon recaps, upcoming church events, scripture passages for reflection, and stories celebrating life change and mission from your community.

  3. Design Your Newsletter: Use an Email Service Provider (ESP) to design your newsletter. Whether it's a tool like Mailchimp or GetResponse or maybe one that's built into your existing church management software (i.e., Planning Center, Breeze, Church Community Builder), just make sure you can create a clean, easy-to-read layout that complements your content. Structure your newsletter into 3 to 7 sections based on how much you are regularly expecting to share.

  4. Schedule Consistently: Consistency is key in communication. Choose a specific day and time to send out your newsletter each week, ideally in the morning or early afternoon when people are most likely to check their emails.

Final Thoughts

As a pastor or church leader, you're a storyteller with a mission, and a weekly church newsletter is a powerful tool to share your church's story, support the life of the body, and reach new people before they even step foot in your building.

Ready to tell your story? Let's get started.

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