4 Ways to Use AI for Short-Form Copywriting

It may sound counterintuitive, but short-form copywriting can be more difficult than long-form.

Short-form pieces of copywriting like SMS have to do a lot of work in just a few words. As the copywriter, you have to think of the action you want your audience to take, consider their needs and pain points and how your business can help them, and condense all that information into a few dozen words. 

(If you’ve ever tried to write more than a handful of compelling email subject lines in one sitting, you know how exhausting short-form copywriting can be.)

That’s where AI tools like Jasper come in. While AI-generated copy often needs a healthy amount of human editing, AI excels at short-form. The limited length means there are fewer opportunities for error, so you don’t have to worry about spending tons of time editing. 

AI can generate a dozen subject lines in seconds, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. 

Let’s look at 4 ways you can use AI tools for short-form copywriting, so you can save time, avoid writer’s block, and create more compelling copy.

1. Subject lines.     

Subject lines are some of the most important pieces of copy you’ll ever write because they are the main reason anyone opens your emails. 

That’s a lot of pressure to put on just a few words.

We at Sigl love to use AI for subject lines. You tell the AI tool of your choice (we use Jasper) what your email is about, the tone of voice you prefer, and how many subject lines you need generated. 

And voila! You have a handful of subject lines to choose from or edit as you see fit.

We especially like how AI tools can incorporate emojis into subject lines. It can be easy to limit yourself to the same few emojis that you’re used to, and AI tools can suggest emojis that you might never have considered. 

2. Headlines.  

Headlines show up in tons of copywriting media—digital ads, landing pages, emails, pop-up ads, banners, blog posts, social posts, and so on. 

Headlines are snappy lines of copy that grab a reader’s attention and entice them to keep reading. They’re usually 30 to 90 characters long, and they’re not always full sentences. Think phrases like this (just replace “X” with a product or service): 

  • Shop Exclusive Deals on X Today
  • X You Can’t Get Anywhere Else
  • Get the X You Need
  • The X You Need When You Need It

Headlines typically sound more sales-y compared to other forms of copywriting because they need to convince a reader to shop in a very short time span. If you feel a little self-conscious writing something that sounds so “cheesy,” let AI do it for you. 

3. Social media captions.

Trying to schedule out your social media content for the next week, but getting stuck on the captions and descriptions?

AI has your back. 

TikTok and YouTube video descriptions, Tweets, Pinterest pin descriptions, LinkedIn and Facebook post text, Instagram captions—you can use AI for just about anything on social media! 

Tell your AI tool what platform you’re using, what your post is about, and what kind of tone you’d like to use. The AI will create relevant copy that fits your post. For the best results, try generating several descriptions for a single post, and stitch together your own paragraph with the pieces you like best. 

4. SMS.   

SMS copywriting is very similar to email copywriting, but it’s much shorter and more casual. Depending on what program you use, your SMS might be limited to just 160 characters, so you have to practice communicating big ideas in a short space. 

SMS marketing often uses more casual grammar and diction than other forms of copywriting, and you might find it difficult to nail down the perfect tone for your business. Let AI give you a hand generating SMS copy, and you can edit it to make it match your brand voice. 

Your SMS voice doesn’t need to be identical to your email marketing voice, so experiment with a more relaxed tone, emoticons, and emojis. If your AI tool suggests a phrase of emoji you wouldn’t have thought to use, give it a try! 

Is AI not saving you enough time with your marketing? Do you need help with more than just short-form copywriting? Schedule a call with Sigl Creative, and let us lend a hand. We’ll use industry best practices to create a robust digital marketing strategy for your business that nurtures your relationship with your existing customers and brings in new ones!

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