Be Customer-Centered To Your Core With UX And UI Design

You’ve heard us preach it over and over — your customer is the hero of your story.

So you’ve changed your writing up a bit. You’ve started more sentences with ”you” than “we”. You’ve tried to focus on the problems of your customer more than the qualifications of your company. And now you’re wondering what’s next.

First of all, congrats! You’ve gotten farther than most!

But you’ve also just begun.

Customer-centered copywriting is part of an overall gameplan to put the customer at the center of your business. Everything should revolve around them — from your product or service, to your website experience, to your paid advertisements, down to your brand color and font choices. These decisions fall into two categories of user-focused design: User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

What is UX Design?

How many steps did your last online purchase require? Purchasing from an e-commerce site with good User Experience design is going to feel simple and intuitive, but purchasing from a site without it may leave you clicking through multiple landing pages before you can actually purchase an item. Which are you most likely to actually order from?

The principle is simple: The more hoops your customer has to jump through, the less likely they are to actually complete their purchase. Each extra step a customer has to take is a barrier to the sale. With UX Design, we put the customer’s needs first by streamlining their experience with your company from the first ad they clicked to their millionth checkout.

What is UI Design?

If UX Design is the streamlined process of a customer’s experience, UI Design is the beauty that draws the customer to experience it in the first place. Just because a website is functional and easy to use doesn’t mean it looks attractive. The machine-man interface needs to be inviting and appealing to the senses in order to be successfully customer-centered. 

We must admit that this is our favorite part. In a recent rebranding project, our clients were delighted with their new website, saying it “felt like home.” UI Design has that power — to make your customers feel something, whether they feel at home and peaceful, or excited and energized. 

A UI Designer will use both artistic skill and intuitive response technology to guide a customer through their experience with your ads, social media, website, or digital product or service. His includes everything visual — fonts, color schemes, graphics, buttons, spacing, mobile view… everything. And when your customer is captivated by the beauty of UI Design, they’ll be willing to experience your UX Design.

Why You Need A Team That Can Do Both

The truth is, you can’t have a successful online presence without both UX and UI Design. Without UX Design, your beautiful but clunky website will frustrate would-be customers and cause them to leave empty-handed. Without UI Design, your seamless experience won’t attract any visitors to interact with your website in the first place. 

At Sigl Creative, we combine the two together to put your clients at the center of your brand from the very beginning. Your paid ads will catch the eye and drive traffic to your website. Your website will use responsive web design to create an enjoyable user experience on any device. And your contact or checkout process will be seamless and easy for clients to follow, leaving them excited about your brand and their purchase. 

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