Why Your Brand Needs A Strong Voice

The pandemic has changed a lot of things this year, but one of the greatest things it’s changed is everyone’s online presence. Now more than ever, people have turned to the internet and social media for content and connection. While they’re connecting with friends and looking for entertainment, they’re probably running across your brand too — so, how can you make a lasting impression in that first moment when they see your brand?

Introduce Your Brand

Your brand’s voice (the way you talk to your customers) is defined by your brand’s own style and aesthetic. You can be funny, smart, witty, serious, sweet, brash — whatever you want to be as long as it’s consistent and fits well with your product! Your voice introduces your brand to your customers by showing them the personality of your brand.

Set Your Brand Apart

Choosing a strong voice for your brand will also set your brand apart from your competitors. Don’t try to appeal to everyone by using every tone of voice, because you’ll just end up confusing your customers. In the worst case scenario, you may not even make an impression on potential customers because your brand voice, in trying to appeal to everyone, just makes you sound like every other brand. Choose a strong voice. It will set your brand apart.

Connect Using Your Brand

A strong brand voice also helps you connect with your customers (both current and potential) because it defines the personality of your brand and gives customers an identity or feeling to associate with your brand. Keeping your brand voice consistent across all of your platforms will really cement the identity of your brand and give you a voice that sticks with people. 

What You Need to Do: Choose your brand’s voice, make it strong, and keep it consistent to really connect with your customers (both current and future) online.  

Creating Your Brand Voice

Creating a strong brand voice is key for succeeding in digital marketing and advertising. Need help choosing a voice or keeping it consistent across all platforms? Contact us for a digital marketing and advertising consultatio and we will work together to present your passion to the world.

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