Building Brand Trust through Design

Transparency = Trust

In our age of information overload, we can look up anything we want in a split second. As consumers, this has made us more skeptical and diligent as we choose about which businesses to trust and follow.  In response, your business needs to create clear and honest strategies to market your brand to consumers. Such transparency will build up your brand’s trustworthiness and help you gain a loyal customer base. Web design is crucial to brand trust because it directly conveys your brand’s transparency via your business website and social media accounts.

3 Steps To Better Brand Trust:

Step 1: Be Clear

By far, the most crucial aim in marketing is clarity. This means scrutinizing your website, which is your main form of interactive brand exposure. Confusing navigation, pop-up advertisements, and hard-to-read text will only cause your bewildered users to immediately distrust your site and thus, your brand. Instead, create a simple and concise layout that conveys the most essential information first. In your copy, be honest and clear about the problem you’re able to solve for your customers. Give them a clear reason to trust your business by placing the information they want in the prime real estate of your landing page. Steer clear of fanciful jargon and simply your products, prices, and communication methods as much as possible. When you create the shortest path to purchasing your product, your customers will appreciate the time-saving efforts and trust your business.

Step 2: Provide Security

Though it seems elementary, many businesses forget to implement security measures on their websites. Your job is to ensure that the proper website security measures are in place for your website. If your business collects cookies, make sure to clearly state this on the main landing page and have your users acknowledge this. For all other information collected, mention this somewhere on the site and include any third-party vendors as well. If your business website includes an ecommerce element, prominently display any web secure badges, icons, or text boxes that explain the encrypted system your business uses to handle transactions. If your consumer sees that you’re honest about this from the beginning, they will be more willing to trust your brand going forward.

Step 3: Offer Convenience

A web designer’s goal is to make your website aesthetically appealing.  Your website needs to pack a powerful punch to attract customers. But how do aesthetics correlate to brand trust? Fresh, visually-interesting colors and layouts are not only eye-catching — they’re critical to brand trust. Consumers are skeptical of older, outdated websites and assume that your company is unable to stay up-to-date with the newest, cutting-edge services available. It’s also imperative to keep your branding consistent across all your digital platforms. Your customer must see the same logo, branded colors, text, and overall look and feel throughout your website and social media outlets. If they suddenly land on a page that seems out of place, their trust in your brand will drastically drop. Finally, having a slow, unoptimized site will instantly drop your consumer’s interest. Though high-resolution images and videos can have a powerful marketing impact, make sure these are optimized for fast loading times. Fast loading times improve your website’s SEO score across search engines and your consumers will appreciate the experience.


Building trust with your customers doesn’t have to be difficult. Make the choice to stick to a clear design, provide essential security measures, and create a consistent, user-friendly environment for all your websites and social media channels. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to grow your consumers’ trust and build up your brand appeal.

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