Make the Most of Your Video Production Day

Don’t let all that prep work go to waste - use these tips to make the most out of your production day:

Choose one lighting and stick to it.

Determine if you’re using natural lighting or studio lighting. Keep your choice consistent throughout all of your setting, or the difference will be obvious as you change frames.

Don’t neglect your audio.

Record some audio of the room without any dialogue; you’ll use this “room tone” in post-production. If you’re using separate devices to record audio and video, make sure you use a clapper so you can sync the audio and visual content later.

Fill up on B-Roll.

Keep rolling for 10 seconds after your primary shot ends, and be sure to leave space after an interviewee answers a question. That’s usually when the good laughs and candid moments happen. Having those gems will help diversify your shots and make your editing process much easier!

Keep your speaker’s eyes on one third.

This gives your video a more natural and conversational look. You’ll also want to include some movement in your film to keep your audience visually engaged, whether that be through zooms, pans, tilts, or dollies.

Shoot with post-production in mind.

Make sure you have more than enough footage to avoid backing yourself in a corner during post-production. Think through where your text and graphics will go, and shoot footage that fits the aspect ratio of whichever platforms you’ll be posting the video to.


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