3 Crucial Questions Before Starting a Project

New projects create energy and excitement, and your team may want to jump right in and start creating.

But first, ask these 3 crucial questions to avoid wasting energy on a project that falls flat:

1. What’s the goal?

Think about the current state of your company and where you could take the next step in growth, whether that’s in brand recognition, customer loyalty, or sales anticipation. Your project goal directs your entire strategy.

2. Who’s the target audience?

You want to tailor your message to connect with the values of your target audience. What matters to this particular audience? What are their problems, goals, and values? Your target audience determines your content.

3. What’s the scope?

Is this project goal achievable through one avenue, or is this an all-encompassing project with coordinating content across all platforms? The scope of the project determines the team’s game plan.

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