The Power of Promotional Products

Giving away free swag can actually bring in good money for your business!


We all love free swag! And we’re likely to use promotional products as long as we think they’re useful, relevant to us, and thoughtfully designed. Every time someone sees your branded item, they’ll be reminded of your company, and you’ll be building brand awareness that will pay off in the long run. 

Where To Start:

Start with stickers! When someone puts a promotional sticker on something they own, they’re essentially endorsing that brand and you’ve just gained free word-of-mouth marketing for as little as 10 cents per sticker. 

We love Sticker Mule’s durable vinyl stickers. We’ve handed them out at tradeshows and included them in the gift boxes for one of our clients. After just one round of stickers, our client gained 1000 new advocates freely promoting their brand. 

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