5 Ingredients for a Successful Holiday Campaign

Here's How to Make an Amazing Holiday Plan:

A Big-Deal Offer

You need at least one major offer, but it’s best to have two to three. Customers expect the biggest sales during the holidays, so this is not the time to skimp!

A Warm Audience

Up to 90% of traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes from warm audiences, so spend most of your energy on past customers.

A Consistent Theme

Make sure that all your content for emails, ads, social media posts, and landing pages has a cohesive look so you build momentum and don’t confuse your customers. 

A Pre-Launch Plan

Consider launching email and ad campaigns at least a week before the sale to build hype for the big reveal of your exclusive offers. 

A Thank-You Offer

At least 15% of people will make another purchase after a holiday sale if you give them another offer right away.

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