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Why Does Video Marketing Work?

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy creating video content for some of our amazing clients! More and more businesses are realizing the value of video for marketing their products and services because it’s in the numbers – videos perform better and get more engagement than other types of content.

But why does this video marketing perform so much better than a status update or even great graphics?

The reason that video is so powerful is really pretty simple. Video is more engaging than a static image, and it requires less “work” from the viewer. Instead of having to read through a post or discern the meaning through looking at an image, viewers passively consume video that captures their attention and tells a story.

Storytelling is such an important part of human interaction because it is how we make sense of our lives. That’s why people are drawn to videos. Video marketing works because it taps into a fundamental need to connect with others through story. Dynamic shots or motion graphics with the right music and sound can tell a story without even using words!

The LETSDEVELOP.TV team understands how vital storytelling is for customer connection. We understand that videos are the perfect combination of entertainment and storytelling to effectively capture a viewer’s attention.

We’d love to share some of the videos we’ve produced over the last few months with you! I think you’ll see how motivating videos can be when it comes to encouraging brand engagement and initiating the buying process.

First up is a promotional video for Davie Shoring at the New Orleans Home & Garden Show!

Next, we are sharing one of the videos we created for Uncommon Threads Chef Apparel.

Finally, we want to share the 2019 Best Chefs of Louisiana promotional video created for ACFNO!

If you’re considering telling your story through a compelling video, reach out to LETSDEVELOP.TV for some help. Contact us for more information about ways to level up your marketing!

Ready to tell your story? Let's get started.

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