4 Advertising Ideas for the Fourth of July (or Any Holiday!)

If you haven’t realized it yet, Independence Day is on Sunday. You’re probably like us and wondering how we’re already halfway into 2021. If you forgot, don’t fret it’s not too late to seize the opportunity and promote your product or service on the Fourth of July! 

Holidays are a great time to raise brand awareness or boost sales. Sometimes, the creative juices start flowing faster when planning your marketing strategy around a holiday since you already have a general timeline and theme. 

We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to promote your product or service during the Fourth of July. Here’s the best part: you can tweak these ideas and implement them in your digital marketing strategy for ANY upcoming holiday!

1. Take advantage of the opportunity to use catchy, creative copy.

We just celebrated Father’s Day, and “Dad jokes” are infamous for overdoing it on the puns and plays on words. So take a note from the dads and use their tactics in your marketing.

You don’t want to go overboard, but you should take some creative liberties (“liberties”… get it?!) with your copywriting. Examples for the Fourth of July are:

  • Stars and Sales!
  • On America’s birthday, here’s a gift for you! 🎁
  • Freedom calls for free shipping! 
  • These sales are sizzling!  
  • Light up the sky with these new summer styles…
  • The biggest bang 💥 for your buck is in this email…

You get the idea. Use emojis, GIFs, and other fun content in your Fourth of July advertising too.

2. Raise brand awareness with a giveaway on social media.

Competitions and giveaways are great ways to raise brand awareness on a holiday, and the possibilities are endless on social media. Give away one of your products to someone (or several people!) who share your post and tag 2-3 friends. If you’re a service company, reward winners with a free webinar training, 30-minute consultation, or discount. 

One of our favorite ways to raise brand awareness on social media is by getting followers to post a picture using your product or service or celebrating the Fourth and then featuring their post on your socials. 

How do you encourage them to participate? A giveaway! Tell them to post a picture or Story and tag your business or use a specific hashtag so you see it. Then feature their posts throughout the holiday weekend on social media. 

The benefits of a competition like this are two-fold: you get social media followers excited about your brand and you reach new followers through their posts and Stories! 

If you’ve not used Stories but would like to try, we wrote some tips for getting started here.

3. Show up at a local event.

There’s a good chance your community or one nearby is hosting an event over the weekend for the Fourth of July. 

Can you and your team volunteer to help and wear shirts with your company’s logo? Are there freebies you can give away to raise awareness about your products or services? Is there a place where businesses or vendors can set up tables? If so, plan to get involved! 

Even if you’re not able to advertise your business at the event, people like to get to know local business owners and entrepreneurs. Make plans to stop by and meet your neighbors. If the opportunity arises, tell them what you’re passionate about.

4. Promote a sale, coupon code, or giveaway.

Each of these ideas utilizes promotions, but it should be obvious by now that holidays are a great time to offer a discount, coupon code, or freebie. 

What can you offer over the weekend as an incentive for people to invest in your product or service? What can bring them one step further along in their customer relationship with you? Create a marketing campaign to promote in your emails and on social media. Go live for a few minutes on the Fourth of July to talk about your promotion.

It’s not too late to take one of these advertising ideas and run with it on July 4th. Remember, you can also apply these tips to your marketing efforts during other holidays. Our team at Sigl Creative also loves getting in the holiday spirit for digital marketing if you need help. Schedule a call today, and let’s talk about how we can use the next holiday to promote your product or service.

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